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We have recently established this website following a career change as a result of the Covid Pandemic, and how it has impacted on the world, and industries, around us today.

We partnered with North Yorkshire Fire Protection Co, who are an established Fire Protection Specialist that covers North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. I had the pleasure of assisting Ronnie with Fire Risk Assessments, in doing so, a common issue was continually highlighted, the training needs of employees by employers!

No Biggy I hear you say!? As an employer you are obliged to carry out workplace training with your staff, its a duty of care! Many businesses feel everything seems to be against the employer, and in favour of the employee, and that training is an expense that can be done without. Do not be fooled, basic induction training of employees is pivotal in defence claims, if negligence is to be proven.   

If an employer is able to prove that sufficient training was given to an employee who suffered an injury, amid suggestions that the level of training was inadequate, then this would mitigate any inadequate training claims for compensation. It is perhaps not as black and white as it seems, because in certain circumstances there may be partial negligence, but on the whole the defence that sufficient training was given, is a plausible counteraction to an inadequate training compensation claim.

Now that’s where we can help with affordable, industry recognised and approved E-learning courses. Have a look!   


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